Welcome to Adullam Ventures

Adullam Ventures is an investment company that invests in small businesses targeting primarily the youth in need of start up capital or additional capital.

The traditional forms of financing have become less attractive due to high interest rates and the strict criteria of lending which many times locks out the youth.

Adullam seeks to go beyond just financing by getting involved in the day to day running of the business and offering technical assistance where necessary.

Our Vision

To be the leading venture capital in Kenya targeting the small business segment.

Our Mission

To bring together youthful entrepreneurs through a business forum and be a means for funding and training in the best business practices.

Our approach is three fold.Our tagline explains this in simple terms: Begin. Continue. Become.

Our Approach

Our approach is three fold.Our tagline explains this in simple terms: Begin. Continue. Become.


At this stage we profile the candidate in line with area of gifting and talent. We further scrutinize the business idea to determine whether there are both short term and long term benefits. It is at this stage that we set objectives/targets for the business before setting off on the journey.


This is where the journey begins. We provide funding in various stages of the business in line with the business targets and growth strategy. We walk with the candidate and provide coaching and/or training where appropriate. We also link the candidate to a network of entrepreneurs for networking, socializing and sharing of ideas.


At this stage the candidate begins to actualize the benefits, which include: increased turnover/profitability, improved business networks and improved corporate governance.

Why Adullam
We target small business in need of both start up and additional capital Adullam will assist in marketing goods and services both within the network and externally. Share professional services/bargain for attractive rates from service providers. e.g legal services, accounting/auditing services e.t.c . This will be achieved through economies of scale. Easy access to progressive funding.
Our Objectives
To build successful brands that resonate in the minds of every household. To provide youthful entrepreneurs with start up capital or additional capital. To provide an environment where individuals can freely innovate. To provide access to a network of entrepreneurs so as to create synergies. To provide coaching and continuous training on best business practices. To cultivate a culture among the youth that business can be done with integrity.